Wrong water heater was installed.  This is why you don't hire a handyman or an unlicensed contractor.

Good luck tracking them down when your home catches fire.  ALWAYS go with a licensed professional !!!

Finding beer cans and fast food wrappers in your walls is normal.  Striking oil .. is definitely a first.

Thieves stole all the copper pipes. We re-piped with Pex tubing. HA!!!  Nobody gives you money for Pex.

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A simple bathtub replacement became a nightmare once we discovered cast iron drains.  We had to keep digging, because the drains kept crumbling.  The p-trap was held together with dirt and rust.

The Rinnai tankless water heater kept throwing an error code.

The edges of a vent need to be perfectly straight.  Center vent is supposed to be sealed by a gasket.  

How is the vent supposed to seal if there are gouges and a screw through it ????

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Ever thought to yourself ... why did I get THAT face when I told my plumber it's only a "simple job"?!