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​Have you ever wondered about the construction of your home?!  This homeowner discovered that a nail pierced the Wirsbo tubing. It took 8 years for the nail to rust away, causing a water leak. This could have been a plumbing nightmare because the fitting was one inch away from the concrete.  We would've had to jack hammer concrete to make the repair.


A bathtub replacement should have been a simple project, but turned into a nightmare once we discovered cast iron drains.  We had to keep digging, because the drains kept crumbling. P-trap, what p-trap?  It was held together with dirt and rust.  One single inch, saved the homeowner from paying for our summer vacation.  Hate to say it, but it's true.

We discovered a nail in a pipe during an upstairs master bathroom remodel.  

Ever thought to yourself ... why did I get THAT face when I told my plumber it's only a "simple job"?!

Copper thieves recently entered a construction site. They stole all the copper pipes. We re-piped with Pex tubing. HA!!!  Nobody gives you money for Pex.